What is a CHEK Exercise Coach program?

Many exercise programs out there are prescribed without taking into account several key factors about people as individuals. In a group of people, you will rarely find that everybody has the same detailed history and daily pressures affecting their body in the same way. CHEK Exercise Coach Programs aim to assess each person from three key perspectives: Mind. Body. Fitness.

You might not realise how much things such as stress can fatigue your body, but not taking this into account when beginning an exercise program can be a fast way to exhaust yourself. CHEK exercise programs include a comprehensive discussion about what factors in your life might be holding you back from reaching your fitness goals, and strategies on how to tackle those problems so that you can reach your personal fitness goals. These obstacles might include: stress or even things such as lack of personal motivation or time management skills.

Another aspect that is investigated, before prescribing any exercises, is the overall health of your body. Do you have an injury? Have you had an injury in the past? Do you have any postural imbalances that might predispose you to an injury if prescribed with a heavy exercise program? It’s a common mistake, made by many people eager to get started on improving their fitness, to ‘jump the gun’ and begin an exercise program that just isn’t logical with their bodies current limitations. Trained CHEK Exercise Coaches can tailor an exercise program to suit each induvial body’s needs and current limitations.

CHEK Exercise Coaches cover your individual fitness level. This might seem obvious, but fitness (ideally) should be obtained progressively. That means gradually working your way up to that specific exercise or fitness goal you’re aiming for. CHEK Exercise Coaches can organise a realistic and obtainable fitness program, and tailor it over a specific time period. This is to ensure that you don’t overwork your body trying to reach those goals of yours, and can even have fun whilst doing it.

For some handy hints on how something as simple as regular movement can help combat stress, and improve your overall wellbeing, read this article on the The CHEK Blog.

Dr Georgia Radic is a qualified CHEK Exercise Coach. Please feel free to talk to her about the program on your next visit.


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