Pelvic pain and pregnancy

The human body is purely amazing in its ability to alter and change as a new mother starts to grow her own precious little bundle of joy.

However this wonderful time can often be overshadowed by intense pain through either the front or back of the pelvis, or if you’re really unlucky – both.

As your body adapts and changes through the course of the pregnancy, joints, ligament, muscles and other tissues have to change to accommodate the growing baby, which in most cases is tolerated quite well.

However if there is dysfunction within the pelvis, which can happen before the mother is even pregnant, it can lead to very painful symptoms.

These symptoms can include aching, sharp pain, burning, feelings of instability, and weakness just to name a few.

Dysfunction and pelvic instability can also further progress as our bodies release a hormone called “relaxin” which in truth allows our ligaments to start changing and softening to allow the baby’s relatively large head (in contrast to our very small human pelvis’s) to squeeze though the birth canal.

This is just one example of when a normal process mixed with joint or pelvic dysfunction may lead to very painful symptoms.

Osteopathic treatment may assist in alleviating pelvic pain and also give the mother some useful stretches and exercises to make the rest of her pregnancy as comfortable as possible. It may even help prepare the pelvis for the main event!

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic for information regarding osteopathic treatment during pregnancy



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