How Naturopathy can change your life

Naturopath Stacey Foat

How can Naturopathy change your life?

Consider me your private health detective, when we get together, I’ll be investigating your body, looking for signs, assessing your symptoms and searching for imbalances, organ dysfunction, nutritional deficiencies or disease states so we can put together a treatment protocol to get you feeling your best again.

As a Naturopath I view the body as one highly intelligent, interrelated system, built on a foundation of cells, all intricately working together to form organs and tissue, ultimately determining your overall health. Cells really only rely on three basic factors in order to stay healthy and carry out their desired job – a constant supply of nutrients, frequent access to healthy filtered water and the ability to maintain a clean, toxic free environment. So that’s exactly what we work on together when restoring the balance in your body.

I utilise Live Blood analysis, iridology, heavy metal and mineral testing to assess the body and call on herbal medicine, nutrition and dietary planning, supplements, flower essences, tissue salts and homeopathics to heal the body and restore balance. Your health history, genetics, diet, emotional wellbeing, toxin exposure, stress levels and nutritional status are taken into account to formulate a plan to treat and heal absolutely any ailment, with the most common conditions I see in clinic being auto-immune disorders, hormone imbalances, thyroid problems, diseases of the digestive tract, poor immune systems and mental illness.

I feel confident in the body’s ability to heal itself, once we identify what it is missing and give it the tools to rebalance. Natural medicine is an extremely powerful healing modality that is often overlooked, but when we get back to basics, understand the functioning of the body, it’s easy to see just how successful Nutrition and herbal medicine can be for treating, preventing and healing any disease.

I’m really excited to be joining the team at East Gippsland Osteopathy, bringing my years of clinical experience and specialist education and knowledge with female endocrine disorders, infertility and weight management issues. The human body continues to amaze me every day and I’m passionate about helping you to get in touch with your body and start taking control of your health too!


Stacey Foat
Naturopath & Nutritionist


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