What are the benefits of Osteopathic treatment?

Osteopathic treatment may help to keep your whole body healthy and functioning well so that you can continue to live your life in the way that you choose.

We use our bodies in all sorts of ways, often the stresses and strains that we experience in our daily lives can build up and eventually lead to an injury or aches and pains. Seeing your osteopath when you first experience discomfort may help to avoid injuries.

Often we compare osteopathic treatment to a car service. Every car owner is advised to have their cars serviced regularly, to have it checked over by a professional and get it ‘tuned up’, so that it runs efficiently and minimises the chances of breaking down unexpectedly. This same theory applies to your body – think of it as your ‘human machinery’. So it may be beneficial to act early on any twinges you may be experiencing. Your osteopath is skilled in recognising imbalances within your body before they become symptomatic.

Being “body aware” is the key to getting treatment early. If you start to notice twinges, aches, pains or stiffness, or even that your normal activities are becoming more difficult than usual it is important to see your osteopath before it gets worse, the same as you would if you notice your car isn’t running smoothly or is making an unusual noise. This means it will usually take less time for your symptoms to resolve and you can get back to normal quickly.

As we get older, our mobility gradually starts to decrease and we are often told we need to ‘use it or lose it’. If people become inactive for a long period of time, it is usually much harder for them to start doing the tasks that they previously had no problem with, so because of this, making sure your body is pain free and functioning correctly is essential.

Many people, of all ages, have found osteopathic management and treatment to be of benefit.


Speak to one of our friendly team of osteopaths about a tailored treatment plan to suit your individual needs, and get the most out of life.


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