Getting older

getting older osteopathic treatment

Staying active and independent

As we get older, the body loses elasticity – increasing the chance of injuring the soft tissues and bony structures.

Many people believe that getting older means that aches and pains are inevitable and they should just put up with them; however this is not always true. Our team of osteopaths are highly skilled and are able to offer treatment and management options aimed to help keep you mobile so that you can continue living an active lifestyle without putting up with pain and stiffness.

An osteopath uses mobilisation, stretching, soft tissue and balancing techniques to maintain and improve joint mobility and reduce muscle imbalances. Lifestyle advice and exercises may also be given for you to do at home to help aid your recovery, prevent further injury and to prolong your fitness and healthy way of living.

Keeping mobile is the key to your health, happiness and independence.


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