Dr Patrick Callanan

About Dr Patrick Callanan


Graduate certificate neonatal & infant paediatric manual therapy(VU)(2012)

Patrick has vast clinical practice experience, having worked in several multi-disciplinary clinics over the past 20+ years. He has been invited to teach at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

‘From 2003 I have taught with the Sutherland Cranial Teaching Foundation of ANZ – a not for profit teaching foundation that trains qualified osteopaths to further their skills. I love doing this as I feel a real duty to pass on all the wonderful things my mentors have taught me over the years. I have also lectured and tutored in the RMIT osteopathic undergraduate program (1999 -2004).’

Having had a lifelong commitment to osteopathy,Patrick loves working with patients of all ages to try to help them to reach their healthy potential.

‘Coming from a big family myself – being one of six children – and having 4 of my own, I especially like working with kids and mums and it is great to see the difference you can make. As they say, as the twig is bent so does the tree incline – so it is a time when you can help them enormously’

Patrick also has a keen interest in treating problems associated with the mechanics of how we walk and run, and providing exercise advice to keep you on your feet.

‘In my early years of practice in Christchurch New Zealand I developed a keen interest in sports injuries partly due to my own background in football, cricket whitewater kayaking and ultimate frisbee. I also worked closely with the local podiatrist, so much so that I ended up lecturing at the national podiatry conference explaining pelvic and lower limb mechanics from an osteopath’s perspective.’

‘What keeps amazing me is how osteopathy’s holistic and detailed approach to the neuromusculoskeletal system allows for truly individual treatment and management plans tailored to you and your body.  This is so often the key to getting sustained relief from a wide variety of conditions because I end up addressing the underlying causes of pain and dysfunction instead of just the symptoms.’

Patrick regularly undertakes professional development courses to keep his skills current.

In 2012 he was awarded a  Graduate Certificate in Neonate and Infant Paediatric Manual Therapy from Victoria University.

‘I just love osteopathy because it works!’

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