Dr Mitchell Evans

About Dr Mitchell Evans


Mitchell is a local member of the community, being born in Maffra and spending over 15 years living in Sale. Throughout his childhood Mitchell has been a part of many sporting teams, including both the Sale City Football Netball club and the Sale Cricket Club. Over the past 5 years Mitchell has been studying in Melbourne at RMIT, and has continued to come home to play football for Sale City, and to spend time with his family and friends on the weekends.

Mitchell graduated from RMIT University in 2018 after completing his Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy). Mitchell’s interest in osteopathy stemmed from his involvement in sport, and the way the body copes and changes during physical activity and daily life. He was also fascinated by how injuries occur and how dysfunctions in one part of the body could lead to pain/discomfort/injury to another part.

Mitchell loves the holistic approach osteopathy has to offer, including the way it takes into consideration the person as a whole and how multiple factors can contribute to the person’s complaint. Along with osteopathy treatment, Mitchell is also qualified to perform dry needling and cupping, adding an alternative therapy to his skill set.

Through the future, Mitchell is interested in keeping up to date with current research as well as practicing and refining his skills, allowing his patients to experience the best possible care. Mitchell is interested in any type of sporting injury and chronic pain. Mitchell’s goal is to help people improve their overall health and get them back enjoying their daily life and activities.

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