Dr Jessica Inman

About Dr Jessica Inman


Jessica grew up on a farm in the local Gippsland area with a passion for fitness, healthy homegrown produce and a strong community involvement.

Jessica graduated in 2016 from RMIT University and has an eagerness for knowledge and improving her skills, and is a firm believer in delivering individual holistic health care to patients of all ages.

Jess started her studies with a passion for sport and sporting injuries and has a past and present involvement with a variety of sports, including netball, basketball, football, cycling and tennis. Jessica’s strong association with football and netball clubs around the Gippsland region over the last 5 years results in a broad understanding of some of the common injuries often associated with these sports.

Jess enjoys maintaining a healthy well balanced diet and physical fitness to enable her to exceed in her competitive sports and meet the demands of her physical occupation.

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