Dr Georgia Radic

About Dr Georgia Radic


Georgia graduated from RMIT University in 2017 with a Bachelor of Health Science and a Bachelor of Applied Science (Osteopathy).

At University Georgia had a keen interest in exercise and nutrition, which she looks forward to developing in the future, in addition to her osteopathy skills. She greatly anticipates returning home to East Gippsland to work in a trusted family practice, that has been an integral part of her life since childhood.

“I’ve always found the health field fascinating. The complexity of the human body, and how it functions is something I take true delight in learning. Studying and practising osteopathy is a vocation I find deeply rewarding, and I am excited to further my knowledge and experience to benefit myself and others.”

In 2015, Georgia undertook further education to attain her certificate as a C.H.E.K. Exercise Coach, which includes swisse ball fitness and exercise rehabilitation. She also plans to attain further training in the osteopathic fields of obstetrics and cranial therapies.

In her free time, Georgia enjoys practicing photography, yoga and horse riding.

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